Pallet handling with narrow aisle forklifts at great heights

Storing and removing at great heights is often confusing for drivers of narrow aisle forklifts with fixed driver’s platforms. Driver assistance systems show the driver the fork position and loading state. The position of the lifting fork is determined precisely with an EcoLine wire draw encoder whose highly-flexible steel wire ensures permanent maintenance-free operation. The laser photoelectric proximity sensor of the PowerProx series attached to the back of the fork uses two switching points to report whether the load is positioned securely on the fork.

  • Following product families can be used
    Product family PowerProx
    The new home of sensing range
    • Time-of-flight technology
    • Laser class 1, red and infrared light
    • Sensing range: 5 cm to 4 m
    • Very small background range: 6 mm
    • Switching frequencies of up to 1,000 Hz
    • The option of up to three adjustable digital outputs or one IO-Link analog output: for up to eight switching points, distance value and smart sensor functionality
    Product family HighLine
    Measuring lengths up to 50 m, rugged design - the heavy-duty wire draw encoder
    • Measuring lengths: 2 m ... 50 m
    • Modular measuring system with a wide selection of interfaces/measuring lengths
    • Very rugged system (dirt scraper, integrated brushes)
    • High-quality winding mechanism and wire input
    • High enclosure rating
    • High shock and vibration resistance
    • Extremely high resolution possible
    • Expandable using external accessories
    Product family EcoLine
    Modular wire draw encoder in miniature design
    • Measured lengths: 1.25 m ... 10 m
    • Modular measuring system with a wide selection of interfaces/measuring lengths
    • Very small, slim housing (55 mm ... 190 mm) with spring integrated in the measurement drum
    • Light yet shock-proof and temperature-resistant plastic housing
    • Analog interface with teach-in function at the encoder