Inline quality control in final assembly

The fully assembled product must be inspected as part of a complete quality control check. The InspectorP6xx 2D vision sensor checks and measures the shape and contour of the product housing and cable connection and compares the resulting shape and contour data with a dataset that was already taught-in. This approach ensures that defective parts are identified and removed from the process.

  • Following product families can be used
    Your quality assurance needs quickly solved
    • 2D machine vision inspection
    • Solving detailed quality inspection applications
    • Toolset for presence and measuring inspection, calibration, and location
    • Quick customization and addition of SICK Nova tools
    • Various FOVs, resolutions, performance levels, optics, and lighting
    • Easy-to-use user interface in web browser
    Easy presence inspection
    • 2D and 3D machine vision check
    • Presence inspection applications
    • User-friendly interface launched from a web browser
    • Quick customization with SICK Nova plug-in tools
    • I/O and TCP/IP interface
    Configurable. Programmable. Compact. Versatile.
    • 2D vision sensors with 1.3 and 1.9 megapixels
    • Configuration of toolset in a web browser
    • Programming of new SensorApps in SICK AppStudio
    • Flexible S- and C-mount lenses and integrated lighting
    • Laser alignment aid, beeper and feedback spot
    • Includes HALCON runtime license and SICK Algorithm Library
    Easy. Compact. Versatile.
    • Supplied and preinstalled Quality Inspection toolset from SICK Nova
    • Compact, rugged IP65 housing with swivel connector
    • Powerful LEDs, high-quality lens and teach auto focus
    • Countless communication interfaces
    • Execution of compatible SICK AppSpace SensorApps
    • Can be programmed with SICK AppStudio