Length measurement of packaging film

The AHS/AHM36 IO-Link Advanced absolute encoder, in combination with a print mark sensor, measures the exact length of packaging film. With the help of the integrated A30 Smart Task, after a set length value passes through, a trigger signal can be output with which the downstream cutting system is controlled for singulation of packaging films. Direct length measurement in the encoder also works precisely and reliably when conveying speeds change.

The Smart Task application enables the encoder to make decisions remotely and execute them autonomously. The encoder therefore takes care of functions at the superordinate automation level, thereby improving response times because it reduces the communication load over the Ethernet and fieldbus networks.

In addition, the AHS/AHM36 offers extensive IO-Link functionalities, such as providing and storing diagnostic data (temperature, operating time, etc.) as well as a configurable input and output pin. The encoder provides valuable information, e.g. for process optimization and condition monitoring.

  • Following product families can be used
    • 36 mm absolute encoder with max. 26 bits (singleturn: 14 bits, multiturn: 12 bits)
    • Face mount/servo flange, blind hollow shaft
    • Rotatable male connector or cable connection
    • IO-Link, CANopen, SAE J1939, SSI interface with programmable parameterization
    • Diagnostic functions
    • Stainless steel (Inox versions)
    • Enclosure rating up to IP67 or IP69K