3D belt picking from conveyor belts

A TriSpectorP1000 3D vision sensor mounted over the conveyor belt measures products in 3D. This enables the handling robot to grip and sort food quickly and precisely. The packing format must have a harmonious appearance to fulfill high customer standards. Only perfect products are packaged. The TriSpectorP1000 supplies the data important for quality determination such as product position, volume and features.

  • Following product families can be used
    Conveyor belt picking made simple in all dimensions
    • Application-centric user interface
    • Provides 3D coordinates and measurements of products on belt
    • Easy integration with several robot brands
    • Running stand-alone on TrispectorP1000 and on Ruler3000 bundle
    • Simple hand-eye alignment
    • Reliable height-based detection
    Tailor-made 3D solutions for flexible automation
    • 3D, 2D, and profile inspection of moving parts
    • Imaging, lighting, and analysis in one housing
    • SICK AppSpace, programmable 3D camera
    • Full flexibility for tailored solutions
    • SICK Algorithm API and HALCON
    • Factory-calibrated 3D data
    • Web user interface

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Robotics image

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