High-precision pin inspection of connectors

The Pinspector 3D quality control system not only measures the position and height of pins but also detects missing pins or wrong connector types. Moreover, the system is able to count the number of pins in a given region and verify the coplanarity of pins. To avoid occlusion caused by the housing of the connector, the dual camera version of Pinspector 3D can be used. The system is intended to be installed as an integral component of the production line or within a special inspection machine.

  • Following product families can be used
    Pin and press-fit inspection – verifying the presence and position of pins
    • Full-scale solution for the inspection of PCBs and pin connectors
    • Rugged design suitable for industrial use
    • Ranger cameras from SICK for high-precision 3D imaging
    • Four versions – high value, fast inspection, and double-camera to prevent occlusion