Highly-precise and synchronous positioning on a printing machine

To optimize the printing process, it is essential to synchronize the servo drive, machine controller and between the specified and actual paper flow. The high-performance EDS/EDM35 motor feedback systems with a resolution of 23 bit per revolution are perfectly suited for this task and ensure an optimal print image. Communication in the motor cable is integrated with the HIPERFACE DSL® interface. This does away with connectors and enables condition monitoring of the servo drive.

  • Following product families can be used
    • Optical motor feedback system with HIPERFACE DSL®
    • Up to 24-bit resolution per revolution and 4,096 revolutions with the multiturn system
    • Certified according to SIL2 and PL d
    • Status monitoring and mission time histogram; temperature, speed, and revolution data are stored throughout the service life of the device