Outdoor structural health monitoring

Buildings are monitored in order to record their general condition or state of repair, check their load-bearing capacity, and identify any dangerous instances of settlement, movement, and vibrations. Deformation measurement is carried out with the help of a long-range distance sensor on one side of the building and several reflectors mounted at varying distances from the sender within its viewing range on the other side. The sensor measures the distance between the sender and a designated reflector. If the building is sinking, the sensor beam will hit a reflector that is higher up. A shorter distance indicates that something about the building has changed. If the building is rising up then the exact opposite happens.

  • Following product families can be used
    Product family Dx100
    Reliable, fast, precise positioning
    • Measuring range up to 300 m (dependent on type)
    • Numerous fieldbus interfaces
    • Pre-failure notification and diagnostic data available
    • Display with intuitive menu and easy to see status LEDs
    • Small, rugged metal housing
    • 3-axis alignment bracket with quick lock system available as accessory
    • Elongated holes for zero point adjustment when replacing devices