Controlling intrusion detection systems

The RAM security system is able to activate and deactivate intrusion detection systems. When you leave a building or area (premises, etc.), the RAM automatically arms the alarm system. It is therefore impossible to forget to arm it, enhancing the availability of the intrusion detection system. Conversely, when you enter a building or area, area monitoring can be deactivated without having to make contact with the system, resulting in fewer false alarms. This principle is suitable for museums and construction sites, for example.

  • Following product families can be used
    Product family RAM
    Access control and authorization management even at long scanning ranges
    • Management of up to 1,000 transponders and 20 access points
    • EMS installed directly onto the RFU62x or RFU63x using a microSD memory card with copy protection
    • Transponder communication with the EPCglobal standard UHF class 1 generation 2
    • RFU62x or RFU63x with IP 67 enclosure rating