Process monitoring at the rotary kiln

Cement clinker quality is highly dependent on the process conditions inside the rotary kiln. Performing gas analysis in the rotary kiln process provides the opportunity to optimize oven firing and the burning process as well as to prevent blockages in the kiln or preheater. Together with the SCP3000 high temperature cement probe and the MCS300P HW process gas analyzer system, for example, analyzer systems from the SCPS series provide a complete measuring solution which can be relied upon to take measurements even under difficult conditions in which both temperatures and dust concentration levels are high. The combination enables measurements of up to 6 components plus O2 to be taken simultaneously even under harsh conditions. It is characterized by its very high reliability.

  • Following product families can be used
    • Simultaneous measurement of up to 6 components plus O2
    • Measurement gas flow monitoring and measurement gas pressure detection
    • Temperature of the system components up to 200 °C
    • Automated sample point switching for up to 3 sample points (optional)
    • Automated adjustment to the zero and reference point
    • Integrated adjustment of the device without test gas (optional)
    • Extended operation via PC and SOPAS ET software
    • Flexible I/O module system
    Gas analysis under the harshest conditions, directly on rotary kilns
    • Simultaneous measurement of all relevant gas component such as O2, CO, CO2, NOx, CH4, SO2, HCL, NH3
    • Rugged and cooled sample probes, can be used up to 1,400 °C and 2,000 g/m³ dust
    • Up to 98% availability of the complete system
    • Quick service thanks to remote maintenance