Process monitoring at the calciner

In many cement plants, there is a calciner with a secondary firing that takes place between the preheater and the rotary kiln. The process gas components in the kiln exhaust gas are continuously monitored in order to optimize the operation of the calciner. An MCS300P HW hot wet measuring process gas analyzer system with a back-purging gas sampling probe is used to handle this task. The system enables simultaneous measurement of up to 6 components plus O2. If a SNCR process is used in the calciner to denitrify the flue gas, the ammonia slip and the NOx concentration can be checked with this system, too. Depending on the site, the measurement point is located at a suitable location between the calciner outlet and the pre-heater outlet.

  • Following product families can be used
    • Simultaneous measurement of up to 6 components plus O2
    • Measurement gas flow monitoring and measurement gas pressure detection
    • Temperature of the system components up to 200 °C
    • Automated sample point switching for up to 3 sample points (optional)
    • Automated adjustment to the zero and reference point
    • Integrated adjustment of the device without test gas (optional)
    • Extended operation via PC and SOPAS ET software
    • Flexible I/O module system