Foreign object detection on high-voltage batteries

When connecting the high-voltage battery (HVB) to the car body, a foreign object such as a screw can quickly puncture the battery cells of the HVB. This can in turn severely damage the battery cells, subsequently endangering people and causing damage to the system and car parts. Before connecting the car body and the HVB, the latter must therefore be inspected for foreign objects: Using laser triangulation, the foreign object detection system (FOS) scans the HVB in an inspection cell very quickly and with high precision. Among other features, the FOS is equipped with up to four autonomous inspection heads that analyze the scanned area. The scanned area is visualized by the SICK AppSpace SID programmable device, another component of the FOS.

  • Following product families can be used
    • CMOS sensor from SICK with ROCC technology for superior 3D performance
    • Processing of up to 15.4 gigapixels/s.
    • Full-format 3D profile at 7 kHz
    • Sensor resolution: Up to 2,560 x 832 px
    • GigE Vision and GenICam compliant
    • 3D, reflective, and scattered light measurement in one device
    • Industrial housing, optional IP65/67 enclosure rating
    • Optical testing system for foreign object detection based on the laser triangulation method
    • Scalable system setup with Ranger 3D vision cameras from SICK for 3D imaging
    • SICK AppSpace environment for customer-specific applications
    • Recipe management
    • Display for data visualization