IATA Resolution 753 for improving baggage tracking

Airport Baggage Tracking IATA Resolution Foto

Late, lost or damaged baggage is a huge cost factor for airlines. That is why performance increases in baggage transport drastically reduce costs for airlines. And what’s just as important, if not more: Improved processes increase customer satisfaction. Increasing customer satisfaction with smooth processes is priceless. With Resolution 753, the airlines are committing to ensuring gapless tracking of baggage from the start of a trip to the end.

IATA Resolution 753 is primarily concentrated on the former weaknesses of baggage tracking. The primary critical areas are the transfer points at baggage arrival - the loading points on the arrival belts and the transfer lines for further transport of the baggage to connecting flights. That is why all transfer points between the individual stations of the baggage transport system must be equipped with corresponding technology by mid-2018. An ambitious goal. But the existing gaps can only reliably be closed if this is done. By implementing and enforcing Resolution 753, IATA would like to increase customer satisfaction as well as reduce costs which arise due to late, lost or damaged baggage. Furthermore, the resolution aims to contain fraud attempts and theft.


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