High-quality analyzers for high-quality products - MCS300P multi-component analyzer system

Jun 15, 2015

With the MCS300P, SICK has produced a compact device with proven measurement technology specifically for process gases. The multi-component analyzer system for high-quality products provides reliable measurement results thanks to photometric process gas monitoring.


In the MCS300P HW system for process monitoring in exhaust gas purification systems, smoke gas is continuously sampled via a sampling probe with a heated filter before being fed through a heated measuring gas line to the analyzer, which is itself housed within a heated gas cell. Its original composition including water content is retained. As a result, there is no risk of corrosion due to condensation. The MCS300P gas analyzer sends its signals to the process controller so that the smoke gas scrubber settings can be optimized.

The rugged analyzer that can go anywhere

In general, MCS300P gas analyzers are suitable for use in all process industries, from plastics manufacture to waste gas purification plants, and even the manufacture of cement. Its extractive heat measurement technology provides process information reliably and rapidly without the need to prepare samples. Thanks to the combination of a non-dispersive, photometric measurement procedure and flexible measuring cuvettes, all active components in the infrared spectrum and visual spectrum can be measured, from the most minute amounts (ppm) up to large volume concentrations (vol%). The pressurized MCS300P-Ex variant can be used in Ex zones 1 and 2 as a 3G or 2G ATEX class device.


Up to six components can be identified simultaneously using the double filter wheels. In order to obtain the most precise values, six cross-sensitivity sizes per component can be corrected dynamically. In addition, values for pressure or flow from analog inputs can be entered and included in the monitoring. An Ethernet connection enables easy access to the MSC300P and complete monitoring of measured value recording.


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