GR18: The cylindrical photoelectric sensor that can be used anywhere

May 19, 2014

Exceptional reliability, unrivaled versatility, and sophistication in every detail – this is what makes the cylindrical photoelectric sensors in SICK's GR18 product family stand out from all the rest. Thanks to four detection variants and seven different designs in the cylindrical M18 housing – available in plastic or metal – the GR18 products can be used in any application. A new feature is the standard overall length, which expands upon the proven short-body versions with radial or axial optics. The SICK PinPoint technology and intelligent electronics ensure that the entire product family can offer maximum availability in a vast range of applications.

Both the short-body cylindrical photoelectric sensors – already a hit on the market – and the standard sizes of the GR18 product family from SICK are available as photoelectric proximity sensors, through-beam photoelectric sensors or photoelectric retro-reflective sensors for opaque and transparent objects. Their housing concept makes it possible to create space-saving, flexible mounting solutions. Not only that, but the sensors also offer outstanding value for money.

The GR18: Reliable and rugged in both plastic and metal versions

The user has the choice of plastic or metal sensors – both featuring an IP67 enclosure rating and both providing the necessary mechanical ruggedness. Where detection reliability is concerned, all the GR18 versions are winning choices thanks to their exceptional optical and electronic reliability. Even in harsh environments, they are nothing but dependable as their intelligent signal evaluation makes them immune to disturbances from ambient light, dirt, moisture or electromagnetic fields. What's more, their PinPoint technology – featuring a high-visibility red transmission LED – boosts their performance even further: The energetic scanners offer scanning ranges up to a very strong 1 m, while the photoelectric sensors with reflectors reach more than 7 m and the through-beam variants provide a range of 15 m.

Quick to mount, smart integration, ready to go in seconds

Whether you're using hole fastening or attaching the equipment with a mounting bracket, there is a GR18 sensor for every mounting type thanks to standardized M18 dimensioning and the range of designs. The GR18S short-body versions – available with radial or axial optics – are the perfect choice in cases where space is tight. Meanwhile, to ensure obstruction-free integration (in the side panel of a conveyor, for instance), the fully flush short variant is ideal: The flattened mounting flange enables virtually flush sensor mounting – and this prevents damage to both the sensor itself and the material being conveyed. At the same time, the sensor can also be fastened securely to stop vibrations on the conveyor system from shaking it loose. And once they're mounted, GR18 sensors are ready to go in a matter of seconds. The PinPoint red LED generates an intense, uniform, and thus highly visible light spot on the reflector or the goods being conveyed, enabling extremely fast alignment. To adjust the sensitivity on the device using a potentiometer, all you need is a standard Phillips screwdriver.

Visual operational control in a flash

To enable their operational statuses to be detected immediately even across large distances, all GR18 sensors are equipped with an extremely bright, multicolored status display LED. This makes operation monitoring, operation itself, and maintenance much simpler.

Versatile application possibilities

The sensors in the GR18 product family are ideal for all kinds of detection task, such as presence detection and object positioning in intralogistics and production-related storage and conveyor systems, electronics manufacturing, handling systems, and packaging machines. Not only that, but the short-body variants are also the perfect choice for a multitude of applications that have only a small amount of space available for installation or mounting.