GMS800 FIDOR gas analyzer: Specialist equipment for continuous total hydrocarbon measurements

Jun 15, 2015

The SICK flame ionization detector represents both a compact analyzer and a professional device for continuous hydrocarbon measurement. The GMS800 FIDOR combines rugged design, simple operation, precise measurement, and modern interface technology to create an outstanding availability figure of 99.5 percent. This means improved measurement certainty when monitoring the emissions of total hydrocarbon concentrations.


FIDOR is an analysis device that offers proven measuring performance and is designed to meet the latest requirements of measuring engineers working in waste incineration plants, power plants, and cement works. The gas analyzer is easy to operate using the “BCU” (Basic Control Unit) directly on the device. A menu-led operator interface provides password-protected access to all relevant settings and diagnostics functions. With options for measuring ranges, signals, and languages, monitoring the measuring device is simple and precise. As an alternative to local operation, the user can access the device via remote software to view data and can also adjust settings anytime and anyplace. 


Excellent measurement certainty and efficient measurement operation

FIDOR has passed suitability testing according to EN 15267-3 and, with its outstanding performance values, ensures 99.5 percent availability. The user can be assured of reliable and precise measured values at all times. Since the accessories were included in the suitability testing alongside the analyzer itself, it is not just the basic unit that is certified, but also the complete system with probe, heated measurement gas lines, and converter.


When it comes to operating costs, the FIDOR scores highly in a number of ways. Hydrogen is the only combustible gas required: Even for small measuring ranges, helium is no longer necessary. Low hydrogen consumption, small space requirements, and the maintenance-free ejector pump for rapid gas throughput all help to minimize upkeep costs. The simple, modular construction inside the device contributes to its easy maintenance and service concept – no maintenance is required for a whole twelve weeks. FIDOR is also compatible with older systems, making replacement straightforward and effortless. The gas analyzer can be used as a stand-alone device or can be integrated into a system.


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