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Mobility, infrastructure, logistics or production - automation is forging ahead in all industries with no sign of stopping. And right at the forefront are distance sensors and detection and ranging solutions from SICK. As intelligent sources of data, they deliver precise information for nearly any application. Over any distance, in all environments. Equipped with high-developed technologies and a wide range of interfaces. Discover a unique portfolio unparalleled throughout the world which unites diverse industry knowledge and extraordinary capacity for innovation in all dimensions. Comprehensive performance and boundless flexibility - combined for your success.

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For both indoor and outdoor applications involving different measuring ranges, SICK offers individual solutions based on ultrasound, light or radar for a wide variety of scanning ranges. The integration technology is highly flexible: whether analog or serial, via fieldbus, IO-Link or Ethernet, the choice is determined by the customer's preference and ambient conditions

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Innovations from SICK - excellent performance over any distance, in all dimensions

3D LiDAR sensors with high resolution, individual sensor solutions with SICK AppSpace or the HDDM+ distance measure process we developed ourselves – we reinvent ourselves every day.

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Scanning range in action - selected parts

High Moselle Bridge - Spectacular use of long range distance sensors

At the site of the High Moselle Bridge in Germany – the largest bridge currently under construction within Europe – a team from Trier University of Applied Sciences are using DML40 and DL1000 long range distance sensors to monitor deformations in the reinforced concrete pillars, measuring up to 150 meters in height, as the bridge superstructure is moved into place.

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More layers open up more perspectives

Driver assistance systems based on SICK 3D LiDAR sensors or 3D vision sensors reliably detect blind zones around mobile machines and warn the operator of potential sources of danger or accidents in good time.

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Accident and collision avoidance with the driver assistance system

Lufthansa LEOS GmbH relies on SICK’s laser scanner experience when tugging airplanes and is putting the APS driver assistance system to the test for its aircraft tractor fleet.

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The LD-MRS UAV detects penguins even in their black tails

Detecting penguins in the Antarctic using drones and the integrated LD-MRS 3D LiDAR sensor.

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Port of Tallinn – automated traffic management in a port

The port operator of the Port of Tallinn had an automated traffic management system developed to monitor the constantly growing volume of traffic in the old city port of Tallinn and to increase the comfort for travelers.

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