Fork sensors

Plug-and-play fork sensors – connect and get started.

Your Benefits

  • Fixed parameters guarantee a high level of operational safety with extremely simple commissioning
  • A visible red light enables easy alignment of the WFM
  • The all-round visible receive indicator enables constant process control
  • A wide range of different fork sizes increases installation flexibility
  • Stable aluminum housing for use in harsh industrial environments


Plug-and-play fork sensors – connect and get started.

The WFM fork sensors are extremely quick and easy to mount and commission thanks to plug and play. Their yellow receive indicator can be seen all the way round, providing optimum feedback on the switching behavior of the WFM. Since the sender and receiver are integrated within the same housing, there is no need for any complex alignment work, allowing detection tasks to be prepared and completed quickly and easily. WFM have a rugged aluminum housing and are available in five different designs with fork widths ranging from 30 mm to 180 mm and fork depths of between 40 mm and 120 mm. SICK's fork sensors are suited to numerous applications, such as detecting parts in production processes, checking whether various objects are present, or intralogistic processes.

At a glance
  • Clearly visible red emitted light
  • No setup required: The sensor is ready for operation immediately
  • Receive indicator, visible all-round
  • 5 fork sizes with a maximum depth of 120 mm and a maximum width of 180 mm
  • Stable aluminum housing with IP 67 enclosure rating


The double fork sensor from SICK – all-in-one solution for shuttle positioning

The WFM36 double fork is a customized solution used for positioning shuttles in racks in intralogistics. In response to the high variety of systems on the market, SICK offers adaptation of the housing dimensions to meet your requirements.


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Functional principleOptical detection principle
    Fork width30 mm ... 180 mm
    Fork depth28 mm ... 124 mm

    0.8 mm

    3.5 mm

    1 mm

    Light sourceLED, red
    Switching frequency4 kHz 1)
    Response time125 µs 2)
    Connection type

    Cable, 3-wire 2 m

    Cable with MOLEX-connector, 4-pin 2 m

    Connector M8, 3-pin

    Cable, 3-wire 3 m

    IO-Link functions
    Advanced functions
    • 1) With light/dark ratio 1:1.
    • 2) Signal transit time with resistive load.
All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product