Fork sensors

The simply outstanding all-rounder

Your Benefits

  • Very rugged and durable ABS housing with carbon steel frame and IP67 enclosure rating
  • Quick and easy mounting since the sender and receiver are pre-aligned within the same housing
  • Large selection of fork widths for different application requirements
  • Practical and versatile thanks to an intuitive sensitivity adjustment, push-pull output, and light/dark switching
  • High switching frequency and fine resolution guarantees reliable detection even at high speeds


The simply outstanding all-rounder

The WFE is a rugged fork sensor that is simple and easy to mount. Thanks to its reliability and accurate detection, it is suitable for a large number of applications. The WFE can precisely detect objects up to a size of 0.5 mm with a high switching frequency of 5 kHz. The sensitivity adjustment, a push-pull output, and the ability to select between light and dark switching make it flexible and convenient to use. The WFE is enclosed in a rugged hybrid housing (IP67) made from ABS plastic with a carbon steel frame and performs reliably even in harsh environments. 5 different fork widths and several different types of connector are available. The WFE is therefore well and truly an all-in-one fork sensor solution.

At a glance
  • Sender and receiver in a single housing
  • 5 different fork widths from 30 mm to max. 180 mm
  • High switching frequency of 5 kHz
  • Minimum detectable object (MDO) of 0.5 mm
  • Durable hybrid housing made from ABS with carbon steel frame
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • Light/dark switching
  • Push-pull output

Excellent performance and easy to use

Fork sensor with countless functions and excellent performance

The WFE fork sensors are integrated into a robust ABS housing with a sturdy steel frame, providing a durable and solid design. Many exceptional product features such as a high switching frequency, detection of very small objects (MDO), a push-pull output, light-dark switching and many more are available to the user. At the same time, the WFE fork sensors are very easy to operate. Configuration or alignment for commissioning are not required.

Since the sender and receiver are in the same housing, no complex alignment is necessary. Detection tasks can therefore be prepared and completed quickly and easily.

Operation as simple as with plug & play applications

Different variants available

Different fork widths for all possible installation types

Available fork widths range from 30 mm up to 180 mm to meet various installation requirements. This ensures full flexibility and freedom in machine design as well as easy installation. A wide variety of applications are possible thanks to the sensitivity adjustment and light/dark switching.

The WFE fork sensors feature light/dark switching and sensitivity adjustment. There are also versions that do not require any adjustments.

Flexible connection options are available thanks to the 3-pin M8 connection and corresponding cables.

Fully flexibility due to various fork widths, adjustment switch and connection types


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Fork width30 mm ... 180 mm
    Fork depth40 mm ... 120 mm
    MDO0.5 mm
    Light sourceLED, red
    Switching frequency5 kHz
    Response time100 µs
    Connection type

    Cable, open-ended, 3-wire 2 m

    Connector M8, 3-pin

    IO-Link functions
All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product