FAQ for Applicants

General Questions

  • Are the job vacancies posted on the website up to date?

    All vacancies that you will find in our Jobsearch area are still open. As soon as a vacancy is filled, the advertisement is deactivated.

  • Why have I been told that a position has already been filled although it is still published?

    Unfortunately, this may occasionally happen. As a rule, a vacancy is regarded as open and thus remains published until an employment contract is agreed and signed by all parties.

  • Is there an application deadline?

    No, there is no application deadline. All the time a vacancy is still published, we look forward to receiving your application.

  • The requirements seem very high to me and I am unsure whether I should apply. When does it make sense to submit an application?

    If you are attracted by the tasks described in the job advertisement and have around 2/3 of the required qualifications, we would welcome an application from you.

  • I am interested in several vacancies at SICK. Is it possible to apply for several vacancies at the same time?

    If you are interested in several vacancies at SICK, you can use your candidate profile to apply for multiple vacancies. It is important for us that you give us a clear picture of the area you are interested in and your qualification profile. Generalized applications without a specific focus are usually not very informative and are therefore rarely considered further along the application process.

  • What about data privacy?

    In the application process, we process your personal data solely in accordance with the rights of use you have stored in your candidate profile. When you set up your candidate profile, you will receive our information on data protection and agree to it. We distinguish between your candidate profile and any concrete application(s) you make. As long as you are in an application process, your data and documents will of course remain stored. If we reject your application or if you withdraw your application, the documents enclosed with your application will be deleted after 90 days and the relevant field data anonymized. Your candidate profile will be completely deleted from the system after 12 months of inactivity. You can, of course, delete your candidate profile yourself at any time.

  • How do I apply to SICK?

    Apply directly through our careers portal. Here, you can set up your candidate profile, upload letters of application, CVs and certificates, send applications for specific jobs and set up notifications for new vacancies that are of interest to you. You can also view the current status of your applications at any time using your personal candidate account.

  • What documents does SICK expect me to include with my application?

    We would like to know why the advertised job appeals to you. The following documents allow you to present this information to us in a clear form:

    • Letter of application: Your letter of application is your first contact with the company. Please describe briefly what challenges appeal to you in the job advertisement and why you think you are suitable for the advertised job. Practical examples from your professional career to date or training highlight your previous experience. It is important to note that your letter of application should not repeat or summarize your CV. Concentrate on the essentials in relation to the job in question. The letter of application should not be longer than one sheet of A4.
    • CV: Please summarize your professional history in a tabular CV. Ideally, start with your current position and go back in time.
    • Testimonials and certificates: Your testimonials and certificates are important documents that give evidence of your professional and educational background. Please collate the relevant testimonials and certificates for your application in one file.


  • To whom should I address my letter of application?

    Your contact person will be named in the job advertisement under "Your application". If you are unsure of the person to whom you should address your application, for instance because you would like to apply for several jobs, simply choose a generic form of address.

  • How long will an online application take?

    In most cases, an online application only requires you to enter a few basic details and upload the documents – letter of application, CV, relevant testimonials and certificates. If you have all your documents to hand, you can complete your online application in 5-10 minutes.

  • What file formats and file sizes are permitted?

    DOCX, PDF, CSV, image and text are all permissible file formats. There is no size restriction. Please note, however, that compressed files reduce the upload time.

  • Who can I contact if I have any questions?

    If you still have specific questions about the advertised job you wish to apply for, the process will depend on the company within the SICK Group to which you are applying.


    For all SICK AG and SICK STEGMANN GmbH locations, please send a short message to our email address bewerbung@sick.de. We will be happy to answer your questions without delay. However, it is not possible to send email applications to this email address. Please use only the application portal to upload your application.


    If you have any questions regarding job advertisements from other companies in the German SICK Group, please feel free to contact the person named in the job advertisement directly.

  • Can I send an unsolicited application to SICK?

    If you cannot find a suitable vacancy, but would still like to apply to SICK, please use the appropriate job advertisement under "Unsolicited application". You can find these job advertisements by entering "unsolicited" in the general search field or by clicking on the option "Unsolicited application" under "More search criteria" in the "Functional area" selection.

  • How do I know that my application has been received?

    As soon as we have received your application, you will be sent an automatic confirmation of receipt to the email account you have specified. If you have not received confirmation of receipt after 24 hours, please check your candidate profile to see whether you have successfully sent your application.

  • How does the application process work?

    Your application will first be checked individually by the responsible member of our recruitment staff. There is no automated initial selection on the basis of parameters stored in the system. Next, your application is forwarded to the responsible department manager for review. If we have any questions about your application, we may make an appointment for a telephone interview with you.

    If you have applied to SICK Vertriebs-GmbH, you will first receive an invitation to a video interview. This allows us to select those candidates from the applications we have received to invite to an initial interview. You will receive an invitation by email giving details of the time and place of the interview as well as information on who will be taking part. As a rule, these will be a recruiter and the person responsible from the relevant department. If this initial interview is positive, we will usually invite you to a second interview to allow us to get a fuller picture of you – and you of us. In many cases, you will be given a personalized task by us to prepare and present during the second interview. In the second interview, we often increase the number of participants so that you and your potential future team can get to know each other.

    Of course, we make every effort to keep the wait between the individual steps as short as possible. Unfortunately, we cannot always meet this aim, especially when there are several participants in the individual interviews, when there is a very high number of applications or during holiday periods. It is very important to us that we examine each application individually and with the necessary care and that we treat your data with respect and responsibility. We therefore ask for your understanding if you sometimes need to be patient.

  • I have applied to SICK Vertriebs-GmbH and have received an invitation for a video interview. What can I expect?

    We use secure recording software for our video interviews. It is not a live online interview. You will receive an email invitation that includes comprehensive information about the interview, data protection and the technology needed as well as a link to our innovative video portal. As a rule, you will be able to access the portal for about one week after the invitation has been sent. There we will show you about five written questions that are directly related to your possible future employment with us. You can record your answers separately in short video clips. Of course, the video interview is not a substitute for getting to know each other personally. We will have plenty of time for that in subsequent interviews. However, it is an important intermediate step that allows us to better assess your expectations of us.

  • Can I prepare for an interview?

    If you receive an invitation for an interview, you have already passed the first hurdle. It would be encouraging to us if your interview indicates that you have spent time finding out about SICK and your potential future activities at SICK in advance. The interview gives you the opportunity to present yourself and your skills and experience in person to those responsible. Consider in advance what questions you might be asked. But also think about any information you lack to get a complete picture of SICK and your potential future role. An interview is not an examination situation for the applicant. Instead, the aim is rather to get to know each other personally and to be able to address all open questions on both sides. You can, of course, take relevant documents with you into the interview and take notes during the interview.

  • What should I wear for the interview?

    Your choice of clothing will also depend on the position you are applying for. As a rule, business casual is the right choice.

  • How long will an interview usually take?

    An initial interview is usually limited to about 90 minutes. You should plan on two hours for a second interview.

  • How does the personal interview work?

    Usually, after a short welcome and introduction, we will first introduce you to the company and your potential future tasks. You will then have the opportunity to present yourself. We would like to understand how you imagine your role at SICK and use the interview as an opportunity to ask questions about your career to date, knowledge and skills. Of course, we also offer you the opportunity to clarify any open questions you may have.

  • What should I do if I don't have time for the interview on the proposed date?

    If our proposed date is not possible for you, please contact our recruiting department using the contact details given in the invitation. We will be happy to arrange an alternative date for you. Please understand that the availability of the participants at your interview may mean that it is not always possible to make an alternative appointment at short notice.

  • Can I also apply for other positions after a rejection?

    If you receive a rejection from us, this refers only to a specific job advertisement. However, we would be pleased if you applied again at a later date if you find a position that is of interest to you in our job exchange. Rejection of an unsolicited application means that we cannot currently offer you a job that matches your qualifications.