Ultrasonic sensors

Double layer and splice detection for paper, cardboard, metal, and plastic

Your Benefits

  • Maximum productivity and quality thanks to reliable material transportation monitoring
  • Rapid commissioning thanks to plug-and-play plus a range of sensitivity levels to choose from
  • Easy to switch between sensitivity levels during operation, preventing downtimes during material changes
  • Individual teach-in of various materials, making it possible to tackle even the most demanding applications
  • The utmost flexibility during installation thanks to variable mounting distance
  • LEDs visible from any direction, making it easy to monitor double sheet detections
  • Reliable detection in dirty, dusty, and humid conditions thanks to the ultrasonic technology''s immunity to these environments


Double layer and splice detection for paper, cardboard, metal, and plastic

The UD18-2 specializes in checking for double layers and splices using ultrasonic technology. Operating with precision, it is able to determine whether one, two or no material layers are present between its sender and receiver. Where the UD18-2 really excels is checking for double layers in paper, cardboard, shiny metal, and transparent plastic. It is possible to teach in up to four sensitivity levels and switch between them during operation, allowing the sensor to tackle even the most complex of applications and ensure permanent system availability with a consistently excellent level of production quality.

At a glance
  • Material classifications: no layers, single layer, double layers
  • Plug-and-play; sensitivity levels that can be selected, taught in, and changed during operation
  • Up to four individual sensitivity levels
  • Variable mounting distance
  • LEDs visible from any direction
  • Immune to dirt, dust, and humidity


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Resolution1 material layer
    Digital output
    TypePNP / NPN
    Sending axisStraight / angled
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