Non-contact measurement with displacement measurement sensors for quality control

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In order to ensure consistently high quality in the production of a wide range of components or devices, it is necessary to regularly check the results with measurements. This is where optical measuring sensors show what they can do. Their ability to measure quickly, precisely and without making contact, as well as the option of integrating the results of these measurements directly into the production process increases productivity. This results in faster manufacturing processes with consistent high quality, without coming into contact with the object mechanically or causing any damage.


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  • Technology: Laser triangulation principle, chromatic-confocal and interferometric measurement principles
  • Challenges in implementation
  • Comparison of measurement method advantages (mechanical and optical)
  • Typical applications, e.g., thickness and length measurements for various materials in the wood industry, double layer detection of sheet metal during metal processing, brake disc and wobble measurements in the automotive industry or a thorough check of height and position for devices in the electronics industry

White paper for download

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