Outstanding prospects

Sustainability at the root of our development
When a company like SICK has enjoyed decades of continued success, one of the reasons lies in its reliable, long-term thinking and actions. This is true of us in many aspects. We have been the embodiment of technological sustainability for more than 70 years: We continuously further develop our key technologies in a range of directions while maintaining their compatibility with one another – all for the benefit of our customers. We are convinced of the value of permanently investing in the further qualification of our staff: in the service sector just as much as in all our industry sectors. The responsible use of materials and resources, as well as environmentally friendly disposal and recycling concepts, have always been important to us. And we do everything we can to make sure that our employees always feel at ease with us and are able to find a harmonious balance between their family and professional lives. You can rely on it. Tomorrow and always.
  • Corporate culture






    Shared values for a successful future

    Our corporate culture is characterized by our mission statement. Its core values are Independence, Innovation and Leadership. Independence ensures the freedom necessary for the professional growth and development that gives rise to innovation: targeted improvements to products, processes and structures. For us, Leadership goes beyond markets and technology to embrace the ongoing development of our management culture. International networking places high demands on good management and constructive cooperation. Trust is the vital basis that allows us to put our core values into practice in our everyday lives and allows us to develop. We prize and respect cultural differences and are open to the opinions and perspectives brought by other cultural traditions. Respect in our dealings with one another is self-evident for us and forms the background against which we can work together to overcome our challenges.

  • Advanced training

    A passion for learning.

    Skilled employees are the key to success. All the facets of advanced training at SICK come together in the Sensor Intelligence Academy. With over 80 internal and external trainers and advisers, the academy currently develops, organizes and conducts an average of 500 events covering a wide range of different topics every year. Thanks to measures that address their individual needs, our employees have a wide range of opportunities to continuously improve their qualifications.

  • Flexibility




    A harmoniously balanced working and private life.

    We have solutions for varying demands as to how to reconcile professional and private life. Alongside flexible working hours and shiftwork models, we offer possibilities such as part time working, job sharing or partial retirement schemes. And with our teleworking arrangements, we can allow many of our employees to work from their “home office” and only come to their place of work when they need to coordinate with colleagues. What is more, our “working time account” permits individual professional and lifetime planning. Working time credited in your account can be used at a time that you agree with SICK for a limited period of release from work, with no financial loss – whether to care for your children, benefit from further education, enjoy a world tour or for some completely different purpose.

  • Family






    Family and work go together.

    It is exceptionally important for parents to know that their children are always well looked after. We place great value on a comprehensive, family-oriented HR policy. In this way, we want to ensure that our employees can find the optimum way to combine family and working life. Whether internally at our sites or in cooperation with regional institutions: Our arrangements for our employees' children range from childcare facilities for small children, homework and holiday assistance, through PC taster courses, application training for those seeking their first job, on to leisure-time opportunities such as ski or snowboard excursions or a shared Christmas party. Parents can eat together with their children in the company restaurant at lunchtime – or take a meal back home with them for convenience. But for us, being family-oriented means more than just looking after the next generation. That is why an expert contact person is always available to our employees for all other family-related questions, including the subject of nursing care.

  • Health





    We take your health very seriously.

    We support our employees with numerous health-related programs and measures throughout their entire working life at SICK. We take comprehensive measures to offer every one of our employees the best possible working conditions. In addition, we help all our employees make the best use of the individual ways in which they can preserve or restore their own state of health. These initiatives cover issues such as ergonomics and the social environment at the workplace, through action days/weeks devoted to health-related topics such as diet, movement or relaxation, quit-smoking programs, support during overseas deployments, addiction prevention, all backed up by the balanced diet available from our company restaurant. Keep fit – enjoy a sports activity in the company of your friendly colleagues! We support and encourage participation in some 30 different types of sport – from A for Athletics through to W for Wakeboarding.

  • Remuneration




    If you give a lot, you get a lot back.

    As an employee of SICK AG, you can look forward to a wide range of attractive benefits. In addition to a appropriate basic salary as specified in the collective wage agreement for the metal and electronics industry, you will benefit from performance-related additions as well as from a bonus and rewards system. Other fringe benefits include special payments, occupational pension schemes, local-transport allowance, subsidized meals in the company restaurant, proportional contributions to leisure-time courses at the SICK Sensor Intelligence Academy or appropriate remuneration in the case of in-service inventions. And later? Our occupational insurance scheme is run by the insurance fund MetallDirektversicherung. Furthermore, we offer deferred compensation arrangements for our non-pay scale employees. We want you to be able to look forward with confidence to your well-deserved retirement.

  • awards









    Recognition is a powerful motivation.

    In 2020, SICK AG achieved second place in the Great Place to Work® competition in the category of enterprises with 2001 up to 5000 employees. So we were ranked as one of Germany's best employers for the 18th time in a row. 


    Furthermore, we are one of only two companies in Germany which were voted one of the best training companies: Since 2017, companies that achieve above-average results in both the trainee survey and in the assessment of their training concept have been honored with the certification “Great Start!”.


    We are delighted at results such as this. They confirm us in our convictions and give us the incentive to keep striving in the same direction.


    SICK has taken part in the competition ever since the quality seal “Great Place to Work” was awarded for the first time in 2003 and has placed among the top 100 every single year

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