Monitoring and controlling

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In these fields, parameters are monitored that are necessary for the proper functioning of a process or system.

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In-situ and process gas analyzers, mass flow measurement devices, and other process solutions monitor and check processes for optimization and control. This ensures they optimize such things as furnace air supply and the efficiency of catalytic converters, amongst many others. Typical applications are the chemical industry, cement plants, power stations, and waste incineration plants.

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In-situ and extractive gas analyzers, dust measuring devices and gas transmitters check systems for functionality and safety. They monitor coal silos, or coal mills or dumps for smoldering fires. They check E-filters and fabric filters, or steam conduits for pipe fissures. Furthermore, they monitor drying plants for compliance with LEL limit values or ventilation, workshop air for pollutants, and other possible issues. Traffic sensors check highways and vehicles. The SICK track and trace system ensures the traceability of products within industrial plants.