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Driver assistance systems based on 3D LiDAR sensors (also 3D laser scanners) or 3D vision sensors from SICK reliably detect blind zones around mobile machines and warn the operator of potential sources... Read on
Selecting the right method and appropriate device for the flow measurement generally involves a time-consuming and resource-intensive consideration of the advantages and disadvantages of the different... Read on
As Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once put it himself, sowing is not as difficult as reaping. Since then, much has changed owing to the motorization and mechanization of agriculture. And yet, harvesting crops... Read on
It is clearly evident that digitalization has left its mark on the paper industry. Does "the print media” face an uncertain future or will haptic page turning hold its own? – both theories... Read on
With the help of safety laser scanners from the microScan3 product family as well as a Flexi Soft safety controller, DESMA guarantees the safe operation of a robot on an injection molding machine. The... Read on
Achieving maximum availability in any machine, system or component is a critical goal of optimum Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in a production environment. The more the impacts of both planned... Read on
Bats and dolphins do it: They orient themselves quickly and reliably using ultrasonics. This versatile technology has been established in industry for many years: It is used for object detection, position... Read on
Industry 4.0 is no longer simply theoretical but is already in action in many German companies. Demands in global competition have risen rapidly in recent years. But in the innovation location of Germany,... Read on
Aug 11, 2017
Digital, automated, and networked - this is the benchmark for Industry 4.0. But achieving this requires a large number of processes to be adapted. Manual identification processes in the warehouse and with... Read on
The digitalization of modern production technology creates new challenges for industry. The increasing level of networking makes the protection of production plants against attackers more and more difficult... Read on
Intrusion, willful destruction, theft, unauthorized entry into protected zones - the Swiss company Securiton AG is protected against these potential threats thanks to the SecuriWall M1 LS mobile monitoring... Read on
Sawdust and wood shavings make the use of conventional safety sensors more difficult in automated wood processing plants. Nevertheless, sensors must do their job reliably and precisely for safety at work... Read on
After 17 years of construction, the Gotthard Base Tunnel finally opened to passenger and cargo traffic on 11 December 2016. Deployed as a sensor solution for protection of the overhead line, LMS511PRO... Read on
During peak periods, considerably more than one million glass bottles per day are produced on machines from Heye International in the glass container production unit of a glassworks. Detection and counting... Read on
The new fluid sensors from SICK, such as the DOSIC® flow sensor, offer calibration-free measurements no matter which medium they are used in, ensuring a high level of flexibility. Plants do not have... Read on
The increasing individualization of products turns single units into a production batch that will be in demand with growing frequency in future. Production processes will have to be converted to cope with... Read on
The demand for cleaner air emitted from cars is increasingly determining the exact test technology required and the associated growing requirements on measurement technology. The ultrasonic technology... Read on
It is no secret that data are the basis for Industry 4.0. But what does this actually mean for real production processes? The vision of the smart factory, and the transparent flows of information necessary... Read on
Multimillion-dollar damage that occurs during aircraft ground handling leads to high insurance payouts every year. As a result, ground handling services are encumbered with higher insurance premiums. In... Read on
The interaction between humans and robots in the factory is growing steadily. The deployment of traditional industrial robots comes with big investments and requires lots of special skills. And once they... Read on
The darker the object, the harder it is to detect as the distance increases. But penguins in the Antarctic can now keep their black tailcoats on when a drone hovers overhead and the integrated laser scanner... Read on
Automated and flexible production processes are the answer to increasing quantities, smaller batch sizes, and high production speeds. Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and their smaller relatives, automated... Read on
The automotive industry set new records again in 2016. It is booming in all industrial nations despite the geopolitical uncertainties. But the pressure on the automotive industry to change is constantly... Read on
Being a reliable and proficient partner to the oil and gas industry, SICK has revolutionized the natural gas distribution in the last four years. Before the market launch of the FLOWSIC500 in 2012 it... Read on

Result 169 - 192 out of 469