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SICK Awards
RFU61x RFID read/write device wins at the iF Design Award 2019

The RFU61x received the iF DESIGN AWARD 2019 for its compact, industrial design. As the smallest sensor in SICK’s UHF product family, the RFU61x is part of a future-proof identification solution. UHF technology offers a range of procedural advantages. Transponders can thus be read or written even without direct visual contact. In addition, several transponders can be identified at the same time (bulk reading). This facilitates a fully transparent process for supply chains without media disruptions, which ensures consistent identification of objects across fields of application, company boundaries, and continents.


OutdoorScan3 by SICK wins Handling Award 2019

On the occasion of the Motek 2019 trade fair, the outdoorScan3 safety laser scanner was awarded first place in the automation category of the 6th Handling Award. In its laudation, the independent jury of industry experts praised the consistent safety evolution at SICK over the past decades, which reached a further highlight with outdoorScan3 - the first outdoor safety laser scanner certified according to IEC TS 62998 for outdoor applications.


AEE Award 2019 BPS en
Contactless localization system Body Positioning System wins AEE Innovation Award 2019
At its first participation in the Automotive Engineering Exposition AEE in Nuremberg in June 2019, SICK AG took first place in the AEE Innovation Award 2019 with the BPS5400, a camera-supported localisation system for vehicle bodies. In contrast to conventional positioning systems based on mechanical substructure clamping technology, the contactless complete solution from SICK scores with more flexibility in production, shorter cycle times, minimised wear and maximum energy efficiency.
InspectorP wins the "LOGISTRA best practice: Innovations 2018" award
The FFP fine positioning is an APP for the InspectorP. This AppSpace solution guarantees secure and automatic position finding during transfer and docking processes in warehouse and conveyor technology. With only one sensor, both single-deep and double-deep positioning processes can be controlled. The camera solution is based on natural positions - reflectors are not required. Optical interferences are very robut eliminated by intelligent image processing. The FFP sensor app programmed for the 2D camera with the Eco system SICK AppSpace convinces with high functional safety, reliability and a user-friendly man-machine interface.
Ranger3 already twice awarded

With the new Ranger3 3D streaming camera, which has already won two awards - iF Design Award 2018 and Vision Systems Innovators 2018 Gold -  you can not only keep pace, but even increase the speed of your processes and perfect quality control - thanks to high accuracy and unprecedented measurement speed.

inVISION Top Innovation 2017 for SICK AppSpace

The world of the SICK AppSpace offers system integrators and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) the freedom and space to develop application solutions to fit the specific needs and requirements of application descriptions. From precisely designing the perfect online user interface, through selecting the most suitable programming technique to distributing the software on various hardware platforms, for SICK AppSpace, one thing is of paramount importance: Providing you with flexibility during the development of a customized solution. 

Double award for the Lector63x

The Lector63x image-based code reader combines functionality and design and was awarded two prizes for this reason: The iF Design Award in the "Industry & Skilled Trades" category as well as the Focus Open Special Mention Award in the "Production, Mounting, Logistics" category. The Lector63x won the iF Design Award with its combination of outstanding and future-oriented design as well as its integration into innovative product and concept solutions. The jury of the Focus Open Special Mention Awards highlighted the innovative design achievement which is composed of the criteria of innovative content, user-friendliness, value and product typography. 

Award-winning: The microScan3 is a three-time winner

After winning the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016 and the GIT SICHERHEIT AWARD 2017, the microScan3 became a three-time winner by taking the iF DESIGN AWARD. The microScan3 was awarded the prize in the “Product” discipline in the “Industry / Skilled Trades” category. The iF DESIGN AWARD is given out once a year by Germany’s oldest independent design institution, iF International Forum Design GmbH in Hanover.


microScan3 Core: the beginning of a new generation of safety laser scanners from SICK. The microScan3 Core reliably protects hazardous areas, accesses, and hazardous points. The innovative safeHDDM™ scan technology sets new benchmarks. It combines a compact design and a large scanning range in one device. The housing of the microScan3 is rugged, its reliability is outstanding against dust and ambient light. Its smart connectivity saves costs with cabling due to standardized interfaces. Using the Safety Designer software the microScan3 Core can be intuitively configured and comfortably put into operation. The microScan3 indicates its operational status clearly via the multicolored display.


FLOWSIC600-XT not only enjoys wide acclaim as a highly accurate gas flow measuring device for custody transfer applications in the oil and gas industry but also recommends itself with its innovative design. In early 2016, the international jury of the iF DESIGN AWARD assessed a total of 5,295 products, services, communication and packaging solutions that companies from 53 countries had entered for the renowned design competition. The 58 international design experts evaluated different criteria, such as the degree of innovation, the material used, and the range of functions. The FLOWSIC600-XT ultrasonic gas measuring device of SICK impressed the judging panel with its design quality and received the iF DESIGN AWARD 2016.

“Best Product” 2016

SICK’s microScan3 has received the Red Dot Award, the international accolade recognizing outstanding design quality. A total of approximately 5,200 products and innovations from some 57 countries were submitted and assessed by a jury. This coveted seal of quality is awarded to those products whose exceptional approach to design makes them stand out from the rest. It was SICK’s safety laser scanner that led to the company emerging victorious in the Product Design category. 


The "Master Analyzer" product by SICK has been awarded this year's prize for the "Best Product" in the category of identification, packaging, loading and load securing technology. The jury was impressed by the Master Analyzer's design. The combination of modern, ergonomic design paired with modular sensor technology and innovative data management is the key to flexible automation within logistics processes. 


Sick's deTec4 Core / deTec2 Core safety light curtain delivers advanced and enhanced safety to protect personnel working on and with machines and equipment. With its modular increments of 150 mm, the curtain is able to cover a protective field height from 300 mm to 2,100 mm. The shape of the profile makes for rapid installation: infinitely adjustable with +/- 15°, the universal bracket can be positioned and aligned entirely at will. The profile also benefits from an end cap at the end stop. DeTec4 Core / deTec2 Core delivers protection that is entirely free of blind zones from one end of the profile to the other. Its compact design makes for easy installation, even when retrofitting in existing installations.

ID Award 2014

The jury awarded the prize in the Optical Identification category to SICK's solution for the optimization of manual sorting processes: high-resolution matrix sensors like the LECTOR®65x camera code reader, which are able to capture images at high speeds, are tapping into new potential in this field and revolutionizing sorting by taking speed and ease of handling to the next level.

reddot design award

With numerous USPs, SICK's Absolut-Encoder AHS/AHM36 programmable absolute encoders are setting a new performance standard in the 36 mm class. Flexibility is maximized with a variety of mechanical interfaces to choose from, along with SSI or CANopen. The design quality of the encoder was also recognized in the Product Design category of the prestigious Red Dot Award for 2014.

iF product design award 2014

In early 2014, the iF jury convened to judge 4,615 products, means of communication, and packaging from 55 countries which had been submitted as entries for the prestigious iF design award. The 49 design experts on the jury made their decisions based on various criteria, from level of innovation, through material selection, and beyond to functionality. Impressing the jury with its outstanding design quality, SICK's FLOWSIC500 ultrasonic gas flow meter was awarded the iF product design award 2014.

iF product design award

The new deTec4 Core safety light curtain makes it easier than ever before to cost-effectively protect hazardous zones and access points. Efficient to integrate, quick to install, and safe in routine operation, the deTec4 Core is also the best-in-class safety light curtain.


SICK products were victorious in both category A (safe automation) and category D (access, intrusion, and perimeter protection) at the GIT SECURITY AWARDS 2012.

The S300 Mini Mini miniature safety laser scanner took the top prize for its combination of minimum dimensions with premium quality sensor and automation technology.
When it comes to access control, intruder alarm, and perimeter protection, SICK's LMC123 laser scanner is virtually unrivaled, as was confirmed when it took first prize at the GIT SECURITY AWARDS 2012.
reddot design award

The miniTwin4 is a very small safety light curtain. Two light grids of identical design mounted one opposite the other provide protection for the areas in and around machines and equipment. As well as allowing the light beam to be guided at an angle inside the device, the product's slim-line, asymmetrical shape makes for flexible installation adapted to prevailing ambient conditions.



First prize in category A of the GIT SECURITY AWARDS 2010 for the V300 camera system – a device for every protective field size.

Easy installation and commissioning, highly flexible mounting, and the option to locate in a protected zone outside a machine's handling area (thereby optimizing ergonomics for the machine operator) make the V300 safety camera system the ideal protection solution for work windows on inspection machines as well as assembly and handling robots.
Vision Award 2010

SICK products were victorious in both category A (safe automation) and category D (access, intrusion, and perimeter protection) at the GIT SECURITY AWARDS 2012.

  • The S300 Mini miniature safety laser scanner took the top prize for its combination of minimum dimensions with premium quality sensor and automation technology.
  • When it comes to access control, intruder alarm, and perimeter protection, SICK's LMC123 laser scanner is virtually unrivaled, as was confirmed when it took first prize at the GIT SECURITY AWARDS 2012.

Compact UE44x7 safety remote controller in IP67 enclosure rating, compatible for use directly in the field without the need for an additional safety PLC, both in stand-alone operation and as part of a networked solution.