Close-up on our robotics experts: Meet Susanne Kirchner


Humans and robots are working closely more than ever. Our engineers at SICK are developing sensors that shape industry 4.0. Today we introduce you to Susanne Kirchner, who talks about the work environment at SICK and the common misconception about software engineers.

SICK Careers: Why did you pursue a career in science?
Susanne Kirchner: In school, I already thought that maths is interesting and I was always good at it. Thats why I wanted to study something, where maths had a higher priority. Since I also was interested in medicine, because of my sister who is a doctor, I decided to study medical engineering. The more time I spent with programming in the course of my study, the more confident I was that software engineering is exactly what I want to doin my professional life.

SICK Careers: Your work focuses on Safety Development? - what led you to this position?
Susanne Kirchner: Just as in medical engineering, standards and regulations have a very high priority in Safety Development, as it is mostly about the health and lives of humans. My study has prepared me well for the requirements of Safety Development.

SICK Careers: What projects are you working on right now? What do you hope they will lead to?
Susanne Kirchner: In my division, we want to improve the interoperability and accessibility of SICK sensors and systems. For this purpose we examine industry 4.0 technologies which should support us with this task. An example for such a technology is the cloud from Amazon. I hope to help SICK to stay up-to-date with newer technologies.

"Most people still think software developers are sitting alone in a dark room, writing code and not having social contacts. But that is not the case."

SICK Careers: Do you have any advice for students interested in science and engineering careers?
Susanne Kirchner: Nowadays, most people still think software developers are sitting alone in a dark room, writing code and not having social contacts. But that is not the case. I am in touch with so many people and work with them in projects. So do not be put off by this wrong picture.

SICK Careers: If you could try another job for a day, what would it be?
Susanne Kirchner: I would be a police woman for a day.

SICK Careers: What do you like most working for SICK?
Susanne Kirchner: I like the way the people are treating each other. If you walk along the corridor at SICK, you are always greeted nicely - whether you know the person or not. Besides, the people are very helpful. So far, I only met people who have helped me with pleasure.

SICK Careers: Are you still vacuuming at home or are you letting the robot do that?
Susanne Kirchner: I still have to vacuum myself.

SICK Careers: Thank you for your time, Susanne! 

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