Close-up on our robotics experts: Meet Silja Reichert


Humans and robots are working closely more than ever. Our engineers at SICK are developing sensors that shape industry 4.0. In this interview, Silja Reichert talks about her trainee program and AR apps.

SICK Careers: Why did you pursue a career in science?
Silja Reichert: I always had my father as a role model: I admired his ability to understand technical relationships and find solutions to daily problems. Through industrial internships, I came to the decision I wanted to study the interdisciplinary course mechatronics to have a broad overview on electrical and mechanical engineering and information technology.

SICK Careers: Your work focuses on Safety Development - what led you to this position?
Silja Reichert: I had early contact with SICK sensors at the laboratory at the University of Furtwangen. Afterwards, I wrote my master thesis at SICK where I worked with an important and future relevant topic in industry 4.0 (development of algorithms for outdoor safety scanners). Then I did the SensorING trainee program with department rotation. Currently, I'm working as a software developer, mainly for web applications.

SICK Careers: What projects are you working on right now? What do you hope they will lead to?
Silja Reichert: The projects are very diverse: one is the development of a backend for an augmented reality app to visualize protection and warning fields anywhere, e.g. through a smartphone camera, another one is the development of a universal field set editor.
We focus on costumer applications and needs: our aim is to make configuration of SICK sensors more easily, allowing worldwide availability of tools by using web technology and improve accessibility of devices and therefore reduce local maintenance visits.

"Think outside the box, be open-minded about other disciplines and new technologies and keep on collaborating and cooperating."

SICK Careers: Do you have any advice for students interested in science and engineering careers?
Silja Reichert: My advice is to think outside the box, be open-minded about other disciplines and new technologies and keep on collaborating and cooperating.

SICK Careers: If you could try another job for a day, what would it be?
Silja Reichert: I would work as a teacher for mathematics or science, because I would like to show students that it is interesting and enthuse them with it.

SICK Careers: What do you like most working for SICK?
Silja Reichert: During my SensorING trainee program I had the early opportunity to take on responsibility but I also had enough time to learn and try out new things, which I think is very important for young professionals.

SICK Careers: Are you still vacuuming at home or are you letting the robot do that?
Silja Reichert: Unfortunately, I am still vacuuming myself.

SICK Careers: Thank you for your time, Silja!

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