Consulting and design
Feasibility study

Optimum solution through the definition of required functions

Your Benefits

  • Cost-effective, well-conceived recommendations for the appropriate technology
  • In-depth knowledge of SICK products in order to be able to select the best solution
  • Taking into account various application-specific parameter settings for the best results
  • Saves time and money during commissioning


Optimum solution through the definition of required functions

Feasibility studies by SICK lead to the best solution with a perfect cost-performance ratio. SICK experts analyze the system requirements, verify the technical implementation, and define the required functions. It is divided into three packages meaning that the customer’s needs are met perfectly. The feasibility study is the best starting point for achieving an optimized performance and saves time and money through commissioning. SICK provides a summary with a recommendation of the required functions.

At a glance
  • Definition of the required functions
  • Evaluation and identification of ambient conditions and electrical and mechanical requirements
  • Testing of the system
  • Documented recommendation for an optimum solution


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Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Specifications sheet

    Vision Gold feasibility study

    Vision Platinum feasibility study

    Vision Silver feasibility study


    The field of application with environment, mechanics, desired output, and object technical info is defined

    Provision of test objects as a reference

    System is uncalibrated

    If tests on-site are included: Supply voltage is available at the installation site

    If tests on-site are included: Availability of the application for the duration of the service

    If tests on-site are included: Programming interfaces are easily accessible without tools

    If tests on-site are included: Customer must provide qualified personnel to carry out any necessary changes to the mounting arrangements

    Information and photographs of the application provided by customer

    Repair, maintenance

    Recommendation based on images and photographic material

    Description of the application

    Technology, device, and number of devices are recommended based on risks, strengths, and weaknesses

    The specifications for the SICK product is taken into account

    Identification of performance factors

    Documentation of the results

    Archiving of feasibility study in a SICK database

    Recommendation based on tests at SICK

    Preliminary analysis of possible influences of ambient conditions

    Verification tests of intended interfaces such as image trigger, encoder, and communication provided by the customer

    Verification test scans of intended objects

    Adjustments to application-specific parameters, e.g., image settings, task configuration, result settings, interface settings

    Initial verification test scan of intended objects at SICK

    Recommendation based on tests at customer site

    Tests on-site to check the operational performance, variances, and influences, such as the environment, for example

    Optimized on-site adjustments to application-specific parameters, e.g., image settings, task configuration, result settings, interface settings

    Recommended mounting of inspection system in the intended environment

    Fine tuning of application-specific parameters and mounting

    DocumentationDescription of the application, suggestion for a solution, proof of concept, mounting instructions, results and summary

    Additional work will be invoiced separately

    The required work time is included in the fixed price and depends on the application

All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product