Green Production

SICK Green Production Image
SICK Green Production Image

Why SICK is taking action

In production environments, the use of resources is particularly high, from the production processes themselves to the necessary infrastructure. The use of hazardous substances, the consumption of energy and water and the resulting waste all create an environmental impact that must be reduced as much as possible. Manufacturing represents an important cornerstone of corporate success at SICK, meaning special attention is paid to low-resource and environmentally-friendly work processes.

An eye on the product - and beyond

SICK considers and assesses the entire life cycle of its products in order to draw conclusions for process optimization with regard to environmental potential. SICK assumes responsibility in this area worldwide, in some cases going beyond the legal requirements. We increase resource efficiency within the relevant production processes and infrastructure. In the development and improvement of production technologies, this initiative works closely with “Green Materials” to further reduce the ecological footprint. SICK also looks outside its own company, for example at partners and parts suppliers, for suitable solutions to make the entire value chain sustainable.

We primarily focus on three aspects:

  • Saving energy and resources in production processes
  • Reduction of hazardous substances 
  • New production technologies for handling environmentally-friendly materials