Green Office

SICK Green Office Image
SICK Green Office Image

Why SICK is taking action

In addition to reducing CO2 emissions in areas such as logistics, packaging and business travel, SICK is also taking measures in everyday office life. Large amounts of waste paper and plastic waste are generated every day. The “Green Office” initiative therefore deals with the environmentally-friendly organization of office processes. In this way, SICK aims to establish environmentally-compatible and resource-friendly measures, thus achieving the sustainability targets it has set for itself step-by-step.

Resource-conscious in office spaces

Although recycling is a useful process when it comes to environmental protection, at SICK, we use it as the last option whenever possible: We avoid unnecessary purchases. By integrating this methodology into our daily operations, we can minimize waste and help reduce carbon emissions. With digitalization of workflows, SICK is moving away from paper-based processes, thereby saving valuable resources. We also prefer digital versions of magazines and newspapers to prevent creating waste paper from the outset. In its core range of office supplies, SICK purchases recycled and environmentally-friendly products so that every employee has direct access to sustainable office products. SICK is continuously working to improve and expand its range of environmentally-friendly office supplies. The next step is to start using them internationally.