Green Mindset

SICK Green Mindset Image
SICK Green Mindset Image

Why SICK is taking action

Sustainability is an omnipresent issue – everyone encounters it every day. Industrial companies like SICK are of course not exempt from this. And this is essential, because only if climate change is stopped and resources are used responsibly will the earth remain a place worth living. Environmental protection must have its place at all levels and be driven forward with fresh energy, from the management floor to each individual employee.

“Green Mindset” – on all levels

By “Green Mindset” we mean taking account of sustainable aspects at all levels of action and understanding why they need high priority. SICK raises environmental awareness within the company by valuing and promoting model projects and providing comprehensive information about them in educational measures. At SICK, sustainability is an overall concept that affects every aspect of the company. Our employees are therefore not only confronted with it on a daily basis, but are also informed about all measures, thus creating a “Green Mindset”. Suggestions for improvement can be made by each and every employee and are incorporated into specific sustainability projects.

In addition to in-house expertise, SICK is also supported by an external council of experts. Together, projects to achieve the sustainability goals are continuously examined, adapted and expanded internationally.