Green Logistics

SICK Green Logistics Image
SICK Green Logistics Image

Why SICK is taking action

According to current studies, 8-10 percent of global CO2 emissions are caused by logistics processes. SICK is dedicated to making its logistics processes efficient. The transport of goods in the entire supply chain (from raw materials to sub-supplier or from supplier to SICK), the transport of goods within SICK (operational logistics), and the transport of our SICK sensors to the customer are all taken into account. With regard to energy, land, material, and fuel consumption, SICK works to support an intact environment and takes responsibility.

Steps in the right direction

We reduce our carbon footprint by optimizing packaging sizes and with efficient shipping planning and refilling processes. We closely network with the Green Packaging and Green Supply Chain nitiatives here. Individual measures include:

  • Implementing alternatives to air freight (especially ocean and rail freight) wherever possible and practical. Since March 2020, for example, there has been rail transport between the SICK European logistics center in Germany (Buchholz) and the SICK Asian logistics center in China (Jiaxing) every two weeks.


  • Optimizing all logistical processes, also when it comes to packaging material.


  • Optimizing warehouse replenishment with well thought-out order quantities and adapting them to the longer transport distances for sea and rail freight.


  • CO2-compensated shipping: Our main logistics partner already offsets all emissions generated during the transport of parcels.