Ruler3000 high-speed 3D cameras: SICK expands its portfolio - New compact designs combine high precision down to the micrometer range with unmatched measurement speed


Waldkirch, December 2023 – With the cameras Ruler3002, 3004 and 3010, SICK is now expanding its portfolio of high-resolution 3D streaming cameras for challenging image processing applications in the industrial and electronics sectors. Thanks to their compact designs, these models expand the Ruler3000 product family’s options for reliably capturing even the smallest details, which is essential to the inspection of electronics and consumer goods components, circuit boards and semiconductors. To do so, SICK’s specially designed CMOS sensor generates high-speed 3D profiles of objects. At the same time, the cameras’ height resolutions in the micrometer range deliver precise and reliable readings. Further highlights of the new generation of factory-calibrated 3D cameras include compliance with the image processing standards GigE Vision and GenICam, which ensures easy installation and integration into customers’ systems and machines, not to mention user friendliness.

The Ruler3000 product family, which features a modular design with IP65/67 protection, was designed for a broad range of industrial tasks. In terms of their resolution, exposure and choice of laser, specific models have been optimized for electronics and battery manufacturing applications.

High-speed scanning up to 46 kHz

The SICK cameras Ruler3002, Ruler3004 and Ruler3010 offer guaranteed fields of view of up to 26.6 mm. All Ruler3000 cameras feature a high-performance CMOS sensor with ROCC (Rapid On-Chip Calculation). Accordingly, the sensors can create 3D profiles for an optimized Region of Interest (ROI) at speeds of up to 46 kHz. Object details are detected more quickly, which delivers time savings and makes camera data directly available for process control, with correspondingly higher throughput rates. The cameras’ excellent light sensitivity and High Dynamic Range (HDR) also help to optimize inspections, regardless of contrasts or highly diverse lighting conditions in the same scene.

High resolution captures even the smallest details

Depending on the version and application, the 3D streaming cameras employ a class 2 or 3R blue or red laser. Further, they offer a robust design and outstanding accuracy. Regardless of any contrasts or the colors of the object and its background, they deliver height resolutions of up to 0.8 µm and up to 3,200 data points per profile – making them ideally suited to detecting minute object details in e.g. electronics manufacturing. And when it comes to inspecting glossy or low-remission surfaces like the sides of tires, the cameras’ high light sensitivity and dual-exposure function ensure optimum image quality and high-precision measuring. Thanks to SICK’s patent-pending Surface+ technology, even small surface scratches can be detected, so that e.g. paint or coating flaws can be reliably identified during glossiness testing. 

Simple integration and installation

The three new cameras – which combine laser measuring, optics and analysis in a single, versatile device – were designed to be more compact than the rest of the Ruler3000 family, allowing them to be installed even in cramped spaces. They are also factory-calibrated, which means OEMs and end users can put them to work straightaway. Integrated comfort functions allow you to e.g. quickly and easily set specific field-of-view geometries. The “guaranteed field of view” concept facilitates the transition from the testing and project phase in the lab or design office to the shopfloor and future applications. In addition, their support for the digital vision interface standards GigE Vision and GenICam ensure plug-and-play access to third-party software like HALCON and LabVIEW – and standardized and unproblematic integration. The Ruler3000 cameras’ software components, Stream Setup and API GenIStream were specially designed for intuitive operation and an enjoyable user experience. Last but not least, developers can rely on the flexibility of SICK’s AppSpace software platform and its broad range of image processing tools and sample applications.

Sample application: Surface and welded-seam inspection in battery manufacturing

The 3D camera Ruler3004 – at just 129.5 mm x 60.3 mm x 100 mm (L x W x H), one of the most compact variants in the Ruler3000 series – helps to ensure the proper completion of various battery-cell installation processes. For example, once the battery cover has been put in place, the camera uses a class 3R blue laser to inspect the gap between the cover and housing, the cover’s proper positioning, and coplanarity. The welding process to join the two components is only begun once the cover is correctly positioned. In addition, the Ruler3004 conducts a high-precision quality evaluation on the weld, checking e.g. for any gaps or surplus material.

SICK is one of the world’s leading solutions providers for sensor-based applications in the industrial sector. Founded in 1946 by Dr.-Ing. e. h. Erwin Sick, the company with headquarters in Waldkirch, Breisgau near Freiburg ranks among the technological market leaders. With more than 50 subsidiaries and equity investments as well as numerous agencies, SICK maintains a presence around the globe. SICK has almost 12,000 employees worldwide and generated a group revenue of around EUR 2.2 billion in the 2022 fiscal year. Additional information about SICK is available at


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