Profiling systems

Improving safety on roads and railroads

SICK profiling systems measure, detect, classify, count, and check vehicles in 3D. They determine the number of axles on heavy goods trucks for vehicle classification and measure vehicle dimensions to rectify loading errors. The systems recognize overheated vehicles approaching tunnels and other entrances and activate diversions. They also monitor external train contours. If a limit value is exceeded, the system triggers an alarm. All this contributes to safety on roads and railroads.

1 results:

  • Fully-automatic detection of overheated vehicles
  • Adjustable alarm thresholds for various vehicle zones
  • 3D visualization of the vehicles
  • Can be extended, for example, to include the detection of license plates, hazardous goods plates or overheight
  • Data transmission via TCP/IP interface
  • All-weather LiDAR and infrared technology