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SICK AppEngine (x64) 90-Days Trial
On request
Please note: With purchase, you accept the product description available under “Downloads” in connection with the general contract terms for the transfer of software products. You can find additional information on the device and software releases in the SICK Support Portal. You must register before logging in.
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    • Product features

      Software license for the installation of SICK AppEngine

      The SICK AppEngine software product integrates devices into the SICK AppSpace eco-system and makes them programmable devices on which SensorApps can be run.

      Product categoryRuntime environment
      Supported programming languages

      Flow-based programming


      Supported productsData Integration Machine DIMA500
    • System requirements
      Operating system

      Windows 10 (64 bit)

      Linux Ubuntu (64 bit)

      Required disk space> 360 MB for installation, depending on the application
      ProcessorIntel® x86-64
      Frequency and RAM> 100 MB, depending on the application
      Supported browsers

      ≥ Chrome 60 (recommended)

      ≥ Edge 12

      ≥ Internet Explorer 11

      ≥ Firefox 50

      ≥ Safari 11

      Programming languageFlow-based programming, Lua
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