The right product in the right packaging

Food safety is becoming more and more important. As part of this, it must be ensured that the right product ends up in the right packaging. The Inline Code Matcher quality control system takes care of this by comparing various 1D and 2D codes (code matching) on the packaging. The system offers intuitive operation via an HMI with touch display and can be easily retrofitted.

  • Following product families can be used
    • Code comparison (1D/2D) during the production process
    • Intuitive operation via HMI with touch display
    • Easy-to-integrate stand-alone solution
    • Statistic display and display of the last fault patterns
    • Multi-track plants supported
    • User-friendly batch change on the fly or with a hand-held scanner

    • Software platforms with combinable basic functions and extensible modules
    • Recipe management
    • Modular and scalable hardware
    • Digital outputs for user-defined alerts
    • Display of data detected by the sensor as well as sensor statistics via touch screen

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