Non-contact safety switches

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    • Features
      Sensor principleInductive
      Number of safe outputs2
      Housing diameterM12
      Sensing range Sn4 mm 1)
      Safe switch on distance Sao3.2 mm 1)
      Safe switch off distance Sar6 mm 1)
      Active sensor surfaces1
      Actuation frequency≤ 100 Hz
      Items suppliedIncluding mounting nuts, brass, nickel-plated (2x)
      • 1) Values apply for steel (FE360).
    • Safety-related parameters
      Safety integrity levelSIL2 (IEC 61508)
      CategoryCategory 2 (ISO 13849-1)
      Performance levelPL d (ISO 13849-1)
      PFHD (mean probability of a dangerous failure per hour)6.0 x 10-8 1)
      TM (mission time)20 years (ISO 13849-1)
      TypeType 3 (ISO 14119-1)
      Actuator coding levelUncoded (EN ISO 14119)
      Safe state in the event of a faultAt least one safety-related semiconductor output (OSSD) is in the OFF state.
      • 1) At 40 °C and 1000 m above sea level.
    • Functions
      Safe series connectionWith Flexi Loop (with diagnostics)
    • Interfaces
      Connection typeMale connector M12, 4-pin
      Diagnostics indicator
      Status display
    • Electrical data
      Protection classIII (IEC 61140)
      Rated insulation voltage Ui28.8 V
      Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp1,500 V
      Supply voltage Vs24 V DC (19.2 V DC ... 28.8 V DC)
      Power consumption≤ 20 mA
      Type of outputSelf-monitoring semiconductor outputs (OSSDs)
      Response time≤ 1 ms
      Release time≤ 1 ms
      Risk time≤ 20 ms
      Switch-on time≤ 1 s
    • Mechanical data
      Housing diameterM12
      Housing length65 mm
      Thread length40.9 mm
      HousingNickel-plated brass
      Sensor surfaceVISTAL®
      Installation typeFlush
    • Ambient data
      Enclosure ratingIP67 (IEC 60529)
      Ambient operating temperature–25 °C ... +70 °C
      Storage temperature–25 °C ... +70 °C
      Relative humidity50 %, at 70 °C (IEC 60947-5-2)
      Vibration resistance10 Hz ... 55 Hz, 1 mm (IEC 60947-5-2)

      IEC 60947-5-2

      IEC 60947-5-3

      IEC 61000-6-7

    • Classifications
      eCl@ss 5.027272401
      eCl@ss 5.1.427272401
      eCl@ss 6.027272401
      eCl@ss 6.227272401
      eCl@ss 7.027272401
      eCl@ss 8.027272401
      eCl@ss 8.127272401
      eCl@ss 9.027272401
      eCl@ss 10.027272401
      eCl@ss 11.027272401
      eCl@ss 12.027274101
      ETIM 5.0EC001818
      ETIM 6.0EC001818
      ETIM 7.0EC001818
      ETIM 8.0EC001818
      UNSPSC 16.090139122205

    Technical drawings

    Dimensional drawing
    Response range
    Pin assignment
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