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More than a vision – identification in three dimensions

RFID, laser-based bar code scanners, and image-based code readers: To provide genuinely efficient solutions for identification tasks, you need more than just one type of technology. With SICK you have the choice: For decades, SICK has been a pioneer in image and vision solutions, a market leader in industrial code reading, and an innovator of RFID technology. Whether used individually or combined in an application – SICK employs three technologies to provide reliable and efficient solutions to your identification tasks. And one thing’s for certain – your requirements come first.

MORE THAN A VISION: Identification solutions from SICK
MORE THAN A VISION: Identification solutions from SICK

As a global company, we are at your side. Our services comprise accurate analysis of your requirements, technical and systems expertise, strong products, and comprehensive local support – wherever you are in the world. Whether laser, camera, or RFID, all three technologies can be combined in one system if required. You can obtain complete system solutions and customized combinations direct from SICK. What’s more, you can enhance combinations of identification technologies with additional sensors from our extensive portfolio. And what if your requirements change? No problem. Thanks to modular architecture and our 4D pro concept, our systems are flexible and can be expanded and adapted to any new task.

How you benefit – three technologies for any application

RFID image


  • Reliable identification of concealed or contaminated objects, as no visual contact with the RFID tag is necessary
  • Identification of large objects with undefined tag position due to large reading distances and reading field widths
  • Reading and writing of data
  • High level of counterfeit protection and data protection due to encrypted data transmission

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Code reader image

Image-based code readers

  • Flexible reading of various code types, regardless of the code alignment (360°)
  • Monitoring of code qualities to optimize processes by using code analytics in the device
  • Subsequent image analysis as images of identified objects are stored
  • Reading, evaluation, and analysis of severely damaged codes due to corrective image processing algorithms

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Barcode scanner image

Laser-based bar code scanners

  • Code identification at various distances and with different object sizes due to a large depth of field with just one device
  • A single device also provides coverage of wide reading areas due to a large aperture angle
  • High read stability even in varying ambient light due to outstanding ambient light immunity
  • Low commissioning costs as auto-focus function means setup couldn’t be simpler

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Identification explorer – find the right solution for any application

Identexplorer Image

Reading properties, code properties, data storage, and analysis: Select criteria and find the right identification solution. 

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Practical examples – stories in the SICK Sensor Blog

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Find the right solution with our identification explorer


Select criteria and find the right identification solution

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4D pro – The flexibility you need 

  • Standardized connectivity
  • Standardized user interface
  • Standardized accessories concept
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