Monitoring of the injection mold

Parts that have not fallen can generate damage when the injection mold closes again as well as causing a machine standstill. The 2D vision sensor inspector reliably detects whether all parts were correctly demolded or whether a part is still sticking to the ejection side mold half.

  • Following product families can be used
    Powerful 2D vision sensor for tight spaces
    • Minuscule size
    • Integrated high-quality illumination with adjustable color and shape
    • Easy inspection of small- and medium-sized objects
    • Snap-in mounting done in seconds
    • Integrated machine vision tools with Quality Inspection toolset of SICK Nova
    • Optional programming with SICK AppSpace or HALCON
    Solves complex machine vision applications with deep learning
    • Inspection by deep learning technology
    • Anomaly detection tool and classification tool
    • Runs on supported SICK vision sensors
    • On-device or dStudio-based labeling, training and evaluation
    • Web user interface
    • Traditional rule-based machine vision software tools included
    • SICK Nova Tools plug-in support
    An intelligent vision solution in an easy-to-use sensor package
    • High-speed positioning, inspection and measuring
    • Powerful “object locator” tool, independent of position, rotation and scale
    • Unique, interchangeable housing design supporting dome and various optical accessories
    • Simple step-by-step configuration in PC including emulator
    • Easy-to-use operator interfaces
    • Flexible machine and HMI design interfaces
    All-in-one vision sensor with electric focus and rugged housing
    • Supplied and preinstalled Quality Inspection toolset from SICK Nova
    • Compact, rugged IP65 housing with swivel connector
    • Powerful LEDs, high-quality lens and teach auto focus
    • Countless communication interfaces
    • Execution of compatible SICK AppSpace SensorApps
    • Can be programmed with SICK AppStudio
    All-in-one vision sensor with flexible optics and rugged housing
    • 2D vision sensors with 1.3 and 1.9 megapixels
    • Configuration of toolset in a web browser
    • Programming of new SensorApps in SICK AppStudio
    • Flexible S- and C-mount lenses and integrated lighting
    • Laser alignment aid, beeper and feedback spot
    • Includes HALCON runtime license and SICK Algorithm Library