Monitoring of the quay area

Smart Sensor Solutions from SICK monitor the dock in the quay area. With the help of this sensor technology, container ships can be reliably detected and their respective current position and speed transmitted to the pilots and tug masters as the ships dock at the quay of the port terminal. The current position of a ship is displayed in real time on a portable HMI. This enables the ship to quickly and safely dock at the quay. The sensor solution also detects any undesired vessels in the container port, e.g., recreational boats.

  • Following product families can be used
    • Long range distance sensor with infrared laser featuring HDDM+ technology
    • Measures natural objects (DT1000) or reflectors (DL1000)
    • Dust-proof and waterproof housing (IP 65 and IP 67) made of highly corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy
    • Configurable digital inputs and outputs, analog output and fieldbus interfaces (dependent on variant)
    • Measures hot surfaces (DT1000)
    • Support for standardized interfaces and protocols for data communication
    • Tailored configuration via a web-based user interface
    • Integrated wireless technology and GPS module for precise position determination
    • Open end-to-end IIoT architecture