Detection of the crane position

The non-contact KH53 linear encoder for measuring length makes it possible to detect the position of the crane portal precisely over a distance of up to 1,700 m. Thanks to the absolute position detection, a reference run is not required. Furthermore, the linear encoder also works under difficult ambient conditions without displaying signs of wear.

  • Following product families can be used
    For the harshest conditions - the heavy-duty linear encoder
    • Non-contact length measurement – maintenance-free, rugged, long service life
    • High reproducibility (0.3 mm / 1 mm), high system resolution (0.1 mm)
    • SSI and PROFIBUS interfaces
    • Determination of absolute position
    • Measuring lengths of up to 1,700 m possible
    • Can be used in harshest ambient conditions
    • High traversing speeds of up to 6.6 m/s
    • Distance tolerance between read head and measuring element: up to 55 mm ± 20 mm possible