Detection of side by side occupation

Double occupation of sorter cells inevitably results in errors and causes unnecessary costs. Streams of mixed items are reliably monitored for double items on a cell with a 3D camera. Such a solution detects doubles, for instance, flats, parcels and bags, even if such items lie on top of each other. The solution can be installed above all types of sorters.

  • Following product families can be used
    Gigabit 3D vision for tough environments
    • Factory-calibrated 3D measurements in millimeters at full production speed
    • Highly accurate 3D measurements for widths from 100 mm up to 1.5 m
    • Capture 3D, grayscale, and scatter simultaneously
    • Easy to integrate without the need for external illumination
    • Rugged housing for harsh environments and temperatures as low as –30 °C
    • Remote operation over long cabling distances with Gigabit Ethernet
    Intuitive 3D inspection
    • 3D inspection of moving parts
    • Intuitive user interface
    • Embedded image analysis
    • Easy replacement concept
    • High resolution 3D image with intensity overlay
    • Factory calibrated 3D data, true mm values in all dimensions
    • Rugged IP67 metal housing