Collision avoidance on the path of a quay crane by means of LiDAR

The AOS104 RTG system for crane pathway travel can be relied upon to help avoid collisions between the crane and other objects. Crane operators have to keep track of large, visible obstacles in their path as well as objects that may be hidden or concealed – even when driving backwards. The system comprising of four LMS111 LiDAR sensors, weather hoods, mounting brackets and Flexi Soft with preconfigured program can precisely monitor areas in terms of length and width.

  • Following product families can be used
    Advanced system reliability for area monitoring even in harsh conditions
    • Non-contact detection due to LiDAR technology
    • Adjustable, application-specific monitoring areas
    • Automated self-test cycles
    • Customized control configurations
    • Easy implementation of new functions
    • Optional gateways for remote diagnosis or data analyses