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Your Benefits

  • The control panel can be installed remotely to the central control console (GMS811)
  • Ethernet interface allows for remote operation and diagnosis
  • Modular design for easy maintenance
  • Low H2 consumption of 30 ml per minute
  • Dual gas bottle switching device available as option for easy replacement of gas bottles
  • An H2 leak alarm is installed within the cabinet to ensure safe operation

The exact device specifications and performance data of the product may deviate from the information provided here, and depend on the application in which the product is being used and the relevant customer specifications.


The SMC9021F system utilizes a flame ionization detector to monitor volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It can be used for emissions monitoring or for monitoring before and after waste gas purification. The product can sample from multiple sources and be scheduled to switch to a certain analysis unit. With a compact design, limited gas consumption, and high up-time, this product can effectively carry out continuous monitoring of VOCs to ensure safe production and detailed knowledge of the state of emissions.

At a glance
  • Touch-key operation with multi-level password protection
  • Built-in ejector to reduce component wear
  • A pressure module controls airflow into the analysis unit
  • A catalytic device may be internally fitted to purify the gas entering the analyzer
  • Sample gas inlet protected by filter
  • Multiple gas sampling
  • Long maintenance interval of up to 3 months


Technical overview

  • SMC9021F system

    SMC9021F system

    Measured valuesCorg
    Measurement principlesFlame ionisation detection
    Gas flow rate
    ≤ 120 l/h
    Measuring ranges
    Corg0.6 ... 620,000 ppm
    Response time (t90)
    ≤ 2.5 s
    Without sample gas line
    ≤ 2 %
    Of measuring range full scale
    Sensitivity drift
    < 3 %: of the measuring range full scale value per maintenance interval
    Zero point drift
    < 3 %: of the measuring range full scale value per maintenance interval
    Reference point drift
    ≤ ± 2 %: of the measuring range full scale value per month
    Detection limit
    < 2 %: of measuring range full scale
    Process temperature
    ≤ +1,300 °C
    Sample gas temperature
    ≤ +230 °C
    Process pressure
    –120 hPa ... 120 bar
    Process gas humidity
    Ambient temperature
    +5 °C ... +40 °C
    Storage temperature
    –20 °C ... +70 °C
    Ambient pressure
    900 hPa ... 1,100 hPa
    Ambient humidity
    ≤ 95 %
    Relative humidity; non-condensing
    Enclosure rating
    Analog outputs4 outputs:
    0/2/4 ... 20 mA, + 500 Ω
    Analog inputs2 inputs:
    0/4 ... 20 mA
    Digital inputs8 inputs:
    + 42 V
    Additional inputsFor temperature, pressure, gas velocity, and dust concentration
    LC display
    InputFunctional keys
    OperationMenu-driven operation via LC-display and membrane keyboard
    Menu languagesEnglish
    ModelIndoor analyzer cabinet
    Dimensions (W x H x D)
    800 mm x 2,200 mm x 800 mm
    ≤ 300 kg
    Material in contact with mediaPTFE
    Power supply
    Voltage220 V AC
    Frequency50 Hz
    Current consumptionDepending on type and length of sample gas line
    Power consumptionAnalyzer: ≤ 450 VA
    Sample gas connections
    Swagelok 8 mm
    Auxiliary gas connections
    DN 6/8
    Electrical connections

    Temperature sensor

    Pressure sensor

    Flow sensor

    Corrective functionsManual or automated adjustment with test gases
    Test functionsInternal zero and reference point check
    System components

    Gas sampling unit

    Sample gas line


    Analyzer cabinet

    Integrated converter for combustion air and zero gas (option)

    Integrated componentsEjector pump
All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product