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Your Benefits

  • Rapid condensation technology removes water from gas to minimize loss of SO2
  • Automatic drainage into a liquid storage tank reduces environmental pollution
  • Membrane filter protects the safety of the analysis chamber
  • Compatible with a variety of transmitter signals
  • Can coordinate with the SMC900 data processing system to process collected data
  • Gas lines are thermally insulated so that no condensation occurs during the transport of sample gas

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The SMC9021 was designed according to the HJ/T-76-2007; HJ/T-75-2007 standards for use as a continuous emission monitoring system of flue gases. The gas monitor uses the direct extraction method, and the heated filter sampling probe has a connector for automatic back-purging. The sample line self-regulates its temperature. The monitoring system can receive data from a dust analyzer, temperature/pressure transmitters, and flow transmitters and send it via PLC to data processing equipment. The SMC900 data processing unit can convert gas and solid pollutant data into normalized, dry-basis, oxygen reference converted emissions quantities and then transmit them to the environmental protection authorities.

At a glance
  • The heated sampling probe prevents the flue gas from cooling during the sampling process
  • The sampling probe has back-purge functionality for longer maintenance intervals
  • Supports PLC controlled automatic back-purge, drainage, and calibration to ensure long-term up-time
  • Alarm parameters may be set for temperature, flow rate, and humidity for easy operation of the monitoring system
  • Multiple configurations available (S700 series)
  • Additional measurement capabilities available (oxygen content, dust content, flow rate measurement, etc.)


Technical overview

  • SMC9021 system

    SMC9021 system

    Measured valuesCO, CO2, NOx, O2, SO2
    Performance-tested measurandsCO, CO2, NOx, O2, SO2
    Measurement principlesNDIR spectroscopy, electrochemical cell
    Gas flow rate
    10 l/min ... 60 l/min
    Measuring ranges
    CO0 ... 500 mg/m³ / 0 ... 2,500 mg/m³
    NO0 ... 500 mg/m³ / 0 ... 2,500 mg/m³
    O20 ... 21 Vol.-%
    SO20 ... 500 mg/m³ / 0 ... 2,500 mg/m³
    Certified measuring ranges
    CO0 ... 2,500 mg/m³
    NO0 ... 2,500 mg/m³
    SO20 ... 2,500 mg/m³
    Response time (t90)
    ≤ 15 s
    ≤ ± 1 %
    Of measuring range full scale
    Sensitivity drift
    ≤ ± 1 %: of measuring range full scale per week
    Zero point drift
    ≤ ± 1 %: of measuring range full scale per week
    Reference point drift
    ≤ ± 1 %: of measuring range full scale per week
    Detection limit
    ≤ 1 %
    ≤ 1 %
    Process temperature
    ≤ +300 °C
    Process pressure
    –100 hPa ... 100 hPa
    Ambient temperature
    +5 °C ... +35 °C
    Storage temperature
    –20 °C ... +70 °C
    Ambient pressure
    900 hPa ... 1,100 hPa
    Enclosure rating
    Analog outputs4 outputs:
    4 ... 20 mA
    Analog inputsOptional 2 inputs possible
    Digital outputsOptional 4 outputs possible
    Digital inputsOptional 4 inputs possible
    Dimensions (W x H x D)
    800 mm x 2,100 mm x 800 mm
    ≤ 300 kg
    Power supply
    Voltage220 V AC
    Frequency50 Hz
    Power consumption≤ 2,000 VA
    Instrument air: ≥ 4 bar≤ 100 l/min
    During backflushing
    Sample gas connections
    Sample gas inlet8 mm diameter
    Exhaust gas outlet14 mm diameter
    Auxiliary gas connections
    Instrument airDN 6/8
    Corrective functionsManual or automated adjustment with test gases
    System components

    Gas sampling unit

    Sample gas line

    Analyzer cabinet

    Connection unit

    Integrated components

    Temperature sensor

    Pressure sensor

    Humidity sensor

    Flow sensor


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