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Your Benefits

  • Easy installation – no opening in the gas duct required
  • Uses the CEMS’s existing gas sampling and duct system
  • Installed together with the CEMS cabinet

The exact device specifications and performance data of the product may deviate from the information provided here, and depend on the application in which the product is being used and the relevant customer specifications.


The SMC902 C flue gas humidity analyzer is designed for use in the continuous emission monitoring systems of stationary pollutant emitters to measure flue gas humidity. The device utilizes an anti-wear and anti-corrosion installation that overcomes the high-temperature flue gas problems of particulates, high temperature, and acid corrosion. It can remain on-line and provide long-term stable measurement of flue gas humidity levels. This sturdy construction protects the online resistive-capacitive high-temperature moisture analyzer and works reliably for a long time without affecting the measurement precision.

At a glance
  • Utilizes capacitance measurement principle
  • Auxiliary electrical heating can heat the measuring system


Technical overview

  • SMC209C system

    SMC209C system

    Measured valuesH2O
    Performance-tested measurandsH2O
    Measurement principlesCapacitive measurement
    Gas flow rate
    30 l/h ... 120 l/h
    Measuring ranges
    H2O0 ... 40 vol. %
    Response time (t90)
    ≤ 2 s
    ± 1 %
    Process temperature
    0 °C ... +300 °C
    Sample gas temperature
    ≤ +200 °C
    Process pressure
    –40 hPa ... 100 hPa
    Ambient temperature
    +5 °C ... +35 °C
    Storage temperature
    –20 °C ... +70 °C
    Ambient pressure
    900 hPa ... 1,100 hPa
    Ambient humidity
    ≤ 80 %
    Relative humidity; non-condensing
    Analog outputs1 output:
    4 ... 20 mA
    Dimensions (W x H x D)
    550 mm x 280 mm x 380 mm
    2 kg
    Material in contact with mediaPVDF
    Power supply
    Voltage220 V AC
    Frequency50 Hz
    Power consumption≤ 600 VA
    Instrument air: 2 ... 4 bar300 l/h
    Sample gas connections
    8 mm diameter
    Auxiliary gas connections
    Instrument airDN 6/8
    System components

    Sample gas line, heated

    3/2-way valve

    Solenoid valve

    Analyzer unit

    Sample gas pump

    Pressure control valve

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