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    SICK China was founded in 1994 and is the one of most important banches in Asia. With the development and accumulation, SICK China has become an influential sensor solution provider, products are widely used in all walks of life, including the packaging industry, food and beverage industry, machine tool industry, automobile industry, logistics industry, transportation industry, airport industry, iron and steel industry, electronics industry, textile industry, etc..

    The current headquarters is set up in Guangzhou and branches are set up in Shanghai, Beijing, Qingdao, HongKong, etc.. SICK China has formed an institution and business system of the major region of the country.

    Sales Support
    Guangzhou headquarters
    National cutmer sevice hotline: 4000 121 000
    National order fax: 020-3830 3250
    Beijing branch: (010) 6581 2283
    Shanghai branch: (021) 6056 2100
    Qingdao branch: (0532) 5578 5120
    Nanjing branch: (025) 8473 1709
    Shenyang branch: (024) 2334 2289
    Shenzhen branch: (0755) 2331 8710
    Chengdu branch: (028) 8424 9662
    HongKong branch: (00852) 2153 6300
    Techinical service support
    Techinical support e-mail: