Safe speed monitoring from SICK: Reliable monitoring of drives – even with complex movements

10 févr. 2015

With its DFS60S Pro safety encoder and FX3-MOC0 drive monitor SICK has expanded its portfolio of solutions for the safe monitoring of the drives of mobile machines and, for example, automated guided vehicles (AGVs). As one of the technology and market leaders in industrial safety systems, SICK can offer comprehensive solutions from a single source.

SICK safety encoder – the DFS60S Pro
This safety-certified incremental encoder supplements SICK’s portfolio of safety products with safe monitoring of drives up to SIL2 and PL d. With its safe electrical and mechanical designs, simple system implementation and flexible fields of use, the DFS60S Pro is the universal motion control sensor for stationary and mobile safety applications.

The trend towards a growing number of levels of freedom in the movement of AGVs represents a challenge for the safe monitoring of vehicle movement. The advantages of the DFS60s Pro are clearly to be seen in safe detection of the direction of motion and turning on-the-spot by means of differential drives: if non-safety-certified encoders were used, these complex movements could not be implemented without greater expenditure on control technology. Such applications, on the other hand, are easily and safely monitored with the DFS60S Pro.

Safety-certified encoders are also advantageous for stationary drive axes and asynchronous motors because they make a second redundant encoder for maintaining the safety function unnecessary up to SIL2 or PL d.

SICK FX3-MOC0 drive monitor
SICK’s FX3-MOC0 drive monitor is the ideal partner of the DFS60S Pro for implementing consistent safety concepts from the sensor to the actuator via the controller. Numerous safety functions are easily and practically handled with the help of the FX3-MOC0 drive monitor.

The drive monitor is used with the DFS60S Pro for the safe monitoring of the drives of mobile machines, such as automated guided vehicles (AGVs). With the help of Safe Speed Monitor (SSM) and Safety Limited Speed (SLS) safety functions the speed of an AGV can be monitored via the safe DFS60S Pro encoder at the wheels and, if necessary, reduced. A vehicle emergency stop can be triggered and safely monitored with Safe Brake Control (SBC) and Safe Stop 1 and Safe Stop 2 (SS1 & SS2) drive monitoring functions.

Comprehensive safety concept from a single source
As a certified safety product, the DFS60S Pro encoder together with the FX3-MOC0 drive monitor opens up the opportunity of implementing comprehensive safety solutions from a single source in mobile and stationary applications. Machine constructors and integrators save a lot of time during safety engineering and the approval procedure – and prevent the technical and legal risks involved in a self-evaluation of solutions with non-certified standard products.

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