Presse Salons: sps ipc drives 2014

Under the product name of ZoneControl®, SICK supplies intelligent sensor solutions for object detection on accumulating roller conveyors. In this way, one can effectively relieve the automation system... Lire la suite
The latest technologies from SICK enable the TranspaTect MultiTask photoelectric sensor to manage without any reflectors and instead utilize machine components as a reference surface when detecting transparent... Lire la suite
Monitoring heights, angles and bending radii; measuring gaps, shapes and edges; inspecting the quantity of material used in adhe-sive beads and gap-free application – in numerous applications the... Lire la suite
Two photoelectric sensors in one housing that combine logic evaluation intelligently with one another – the MultiLine sensor proves to be a high-end sensor in difficult situations for detecting flat... Lire la suite
MLG-2 is the new generation of intelligent automation light grids from SICK. The product family sets a new standard in terms of resolutions, response times, evaluation options and ease of use. The MLG-2... Lire la suite
For Contrast, Color, Luminescence the glossiness is an optical property of objects which cause failures. As a result of this, for most sensors shiny objects are difficult to detect. The GLARE Sensor turns... Lire la suite
The new DT50-2 Pro distance sensor from SICK provides the perfect combination of measurement performance and size. Based on the patented HDDM™ time-of-flight technology it provides precise and reliable... Lire la suite
Now products can be counted and detected on the conveyor in a way that was not possible before. Without gaps. Without delays. The DeltaPac accurately detects and differentiates between successive packaging... Lire la suite
In a wide range of industries, solutions are used for the detection of misshapen objects or objects of varying height. This often leads to high costs, especially through complex and expensive installation... Lire la suite