Presse Salons: Motek 2015

Waldkirch, October 2015 – Now with the new deTec4 Core and deTec2 Core safety light curtains, the protection of hazardous points and access points is easier than ever. The newest member of the deTec4... Lire la suite
Waldkirch, Germany, October 2015 – With a minimal overall length of just 12 mm, the IH03 and IM04 inductive miniature sensors have set a new world record. Thanks to fully integrated electronics,... Lire la suite
Waldkirch, October 2015 – Lector63x is a new member of the image-based code reader family from SICK. The Lector63x is a 2 MP reader developed in a compact but flexible design. The optical flexibility... Lire la suite
Waldkirch, September 2015 – The new standard for reliable detection with an extended sensing range cannot be measured with a conventional yardstick. After all, with sensing ranges from 5 cm to 3.8... Lire la suite